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Ready Set Dance has been developed using the knowledge of successful dance teachers who have been running this age group for over thirty years. Targeted at ages two to ve years old, the syllabus is divided into two levels. The specially-designed Jazz, Hip Hop, Singing and Tap exercises are perfect for both boys and girls in the foundation level of training. Through exercises such as balancing bean bags, working as a team with the parachute, singing on the microphone, and playing musical instruments, the classes extend beyond dance to develop skills such as teamwork and confidence.

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"Ready Set dance is and innovative program designed specifically to introduce young children to the world of dance. In each class teachers explore aspects of the Ready Set Dance curriculum through playful approaches which are responsive to the curiosity and imagination of young learners. The children respond with active and joyful engagement and participation that enables them to practice and refine the skills and capacities needed for dance. At the same time the children are extended across the various developmental domains of physical, cognitive, language and social development and use learning processes such as attending, remembering and problem solving. Through regular and sustained participation in Ready Set Dance classes children develop positive dispositions to learning such as enthusiasm, independence, concentration, persistence, co-operation and the three C’s of confidence, coordination, and creativity. Ready Set Dance offers much to support the play and learning of young children in Australia and beyond."


Dr. Cathie Harrison
EdD, M.Ed, B.Ed(EC)
Early Childhood and Gifted Education Consultant